Persephone's Playhouse

Explore your Fetish & BDSM desires 

          with loving integrity.

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Workshops & Teaching 

Some of the workshops I give:

  • Negotiation : from pick up play to long term relationships, keeping things spicy (plus updating because growth and learning and change happens!!) 
  • Pleasuring a Woman; tips and techniques and how-to's ; getting away from the lies of porn
  • Impact play -beginners to advanced
  • Acupressure for pleasure and pain (Massage healing to painful fuckery)
  • Stance and Body Mechanics: hurt the sub, not yourself. Also don't harm the sub while you hurt them.
  • Calming the Mind, A practice in meditation. Guided 
  • Guided meditations for healing and empowerment
  • Florentine flogging
  • Sissy Training
  • Feminization training - from movement to makeup
  • Basic needles and cross contamination