Persephone's Playhouse

Explore your Fetish & BDSM desires 

          with loving integrity.

I have seen professional  dominatrixes for about 30 years. Some of encounters have been disasters. They had no idea what they were doing and were in it to make a fast buck. Others were extremely well versed and truly dominant but most of them were the high end women in New York. They were skilled, attractive and enjoyed what they did. 

I was very happy to find such a woman in Alberta. The high end NYC women have nothing on Lady Grace. She is very fit, attractive, experienced and most of all she has fun doing what she does and she plays very safe.  She knows how to prey upon my weaknesses and interests. I have tried things I never thought I would do. The more I see her the better she gets to know me and because of this, we can go deeper into submission than I ever thought.

And for the submissive men with a foot fetish, she has the most perfectly shaped feet you could ever imagine.



“Lady Grace Persephone is an Domme who provides an all professional service, clean environment and has a great sense how she combines her needs with my unimportant needs. She has a variety of toys which she knows how to use well. I always leave her with memories for the days to come. Can’t wait to get punished for my sins from her, and be her little unworthy finger pet again. 

 Thankfully p.”