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Fitness Domination

Need the direction of a Fierce Goddess to help you get in shape?

To Force you to! 

We'll look at your lifestyle and your kinks IN DEPTH to work with it all.... With a kinky twist!

 From every level - emotional, mental, food specific, nutrition, workouts, alignment and more. Best of all, this is All completely done online, with an incredibly in depth consult and then monthly ongoing direction, refocusing, working on progress completely tailored to your ability and progress, with planning meant to both encourage you and push you.... Plus that kinky part. Depending on your interests, fetishes and BDSM situation - YOU will help pick the list of punishments and rewards and then *  I * will determine what you get.  

You will work SO VERY hard to keep Me pleased!! 

And your body, mind, stability, strength, lifestyle, goals, well being, and even looks will ALL improve as you do so. 

Win win. 

As the consult negotiation for such an incredibly detailed and in depth lifestyle plan takes quite a bit of time and ability, the consult is usually $500, and clients tend to invest $500 to $1000 per month for a minimum of six months. 
However there is a much lower involvement option for those who really want the support but on a smaller budget and with less involvement, usually sticking with this for a year or more but with simpler inputs. Consult is $300 and the monthly investment usually $300 to $500. 

I am most interested in more kinksters getting healthier so I am willing to work with many budgets!