Persephone's Playhouse

Explore your Fetish & BDSM desires 

          with loving integrity.

Must read before applying for Submissive Services

I am the Master Chef 

Consent is of the utmost importance


 Highly Accommodating for different abilities

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BDSM Training, Workshops, Photography, Performance, Coaching

The interest list below is NOT a shopping list. I will take from your hopes, dreams, and fantasies like a chef chooses ingredients.

This is also not a complete list of my interests. 

Feel free to email me with your own.

I am not just kinky here and there. It is PART of EVERYTHING I am.


To apply you will email me with  a few of your greatest hopes and desires. Share w
hat is at the heart of your submissive nature and what you hope to gain from experiences with me. Be specific in your sensation desires. 


Your application will only be successful if I feel we are a good match. 


I do not offer escort services. 

For pegging or anal training : be sure to clean yourself out with a proper enema a few hours before our sessions.

 My goal is to create a great dish of experience, with the mindfulness of an artist. 

Let us walk together into the depths of your soul.



  • Anal training / pegging
  • Cock and Ball torture/bondage
  • Cock cage/ Keyholding
  • Ball busting light or hard
  • Blindfolded sensation play
  • Bondage
  • Caning  !!
  • CNC *  Consensual Non Consent (requires extra negotiation. *Edge Play)
  • Cock slapping/ flogging/ kicking/ stomping* (heavier forms require extra negotiation)
  • Degradation & humiliation
  • Discipline !!
  • Edging / Forced masturbation / Ruined
  • Electricity *
  • Face sitting/ smothering
  • Face slapping
  • Financial domination !!
  • Fire play (advance notice needed to make  fire wands for you. Deposit required. *Edge Play*)
  • Fitness Domination !!
  • Flogging / Florentine  !!
  • Foot, shoe, stocking worship !!
  • Forced bi 
  •  Forced feminization !!
  • Human furniture / Objectification
  • Interrogation
  • Male chastity
  • Make up application
  • Medical play
  • Needles (Surface piercing or torture/interrogation piercing. *Edge Play)
  • Nipple torture 
  • Panty worship 
  • Pegging !!
  • Personal items for sale  
  • Photography / video * (To be negotiated: For My social media or website, for your pleasure to keep, or for humiliation /CNC blackmail * )
  • Prostate massage/milking
  • Puppy /Pony / Kitty play
  • Role-play (secretary, doctor, principal)
  • Scolding
  • Shaving
  • Sissification / Slut Training School !!
  • Slave training
  • Sounds / Sounding
  • Spa Dates / Shopping
  • Spanking (Over the Knee, paddle, wooden spoon, hair brush, etc) !!
  • Speech restriction
  • Spitting
  • Sugar-daddy submissive caretaking !!
  • Trampling
  • Vibrator torture !!
  • Watersports / golden shower
  • Whipping !!

For information on Booking see Application Process below
 Deposit required from new clients

Edge Play: Extra negotiation required for edge play or scenarios of more risk. 


Application Process


Negotiation / Boundary Setting



 Be sure to address Lady Grace appropriately and professionally

Email should include your name, age, profession and main interests

 Share what you most enjoy or what you would like to get out of a session / experience. 

Close off the email politely and respectfully. 

 If you do not receive a response within one week check your email and spam folders. Ask yourself:  were you respectful?? 
You may need to reframe your request into a professional and respectful email and try again. 

If you were respectful then please follow up as sometimes emails do get lost.

Be sure to email directly and do not use advertiser forms

If you are accepted: 


If accepted to serve you will then pay a minimum tribute of $50 for consulting and negotiation.

Negotiation for the depth of play that Lady Grace specializes in takes effort regardless of you booking a session. Of course we most hope you will become a permanent addition and book many sessions for ongoing, heightened training.

Negotiation Form: We will look at many aspects of your interests and limits as well as history, abilities, triggers, etc. and then discuss your answers and questions as needed.

Waiver : There is an indemnity waiver to sign before any sessions online or in-person may begin, much as you would sign at a  chiropractor's office. This includes clauses for My protection from harm.

If you have any questions or concerns we can discuss them throughout the negotiation
 however this should be quickly leading to a booking. 

*The consulting fee may be increased for specialized consulting ie: for high risk interests. 
Chatting or Online Domination is paid separately. 


Trust and more involved play comes not only as I learn, explore (and test) your responses and abilities, but also as you gain trust of me and my abilities.
This takes time.

While I do most enjoy long term, regular submissive 'pets' which allows for such in depth exploration, this is not a requirement. 

Ongoing negotiation and updates with valuable long term pets is Included in session tributes
 I play and explore in my sessions rather than just enacting the same scenarios or experiences over and over. 
This requires explorations where some things will work better than others from which I watch carefully and learn, delving into many ways of taking pleasure from you.


Limits and boundaries are never able to be tested without risk of actually finding out where they are, and we don't truly ever know where a boundary is till it's passed.  
 I prefer to learn about my pets so that I may carefully walk up to their limits, slowly expanding them rather than go flying past them or risk hurting them. 
As such we use safewords in all sessions (green, yellow or red). 
Aftercare is scheduled into sessions 
And ongoing reports /updates with limited aftercare is available
 HOWEVER submissives need to understand these risks and be ready for self-care.


Once you are my submissive 'pet' our relationship is much much more than just a transactional one. 
You may not be used to this level of inclusion and caring, of such in-depth negotiation or the ongoing check-ins, updates, reports, and follow up that Lady Grace includes.
This ongoing nature helps to create a depth of exploration far beyond what most Dommes can provide, especially when delving into the mental and emotional aspects (which Lady Grace most delights in). It is also what allows her to 'cook up' such diverse and incredible experiences. It is part of the higher tribute fees of sessions with a more skilled and educated practitioner.
This is the level of expertise that makes Me a premier Domme AND Educator. 

In fact, I specialize in walking new subs (especially women) through their first explorations. 

 The submissive ALWAYS has use of a safe word/signal.

I started this business to save people from being hurt by those who have no training or skills, from extortionists, from those who know little of BDSM, nor care anything for the deep psychological impact this world creates.

And remember- you must protect my limits just as I protect yours. 



You will be required to give your full name before a session is booked and it will be checked against your ID at a pre-screening a few minutes before the first session. This is for My safety and is common practice in all legitimate service industries, just as is this one! As with physio, massage, doctors, counsellors and Myself, we strive to protect your information and full discretion!
First email does not have to include your full name, but negotiation will require this.

Note: If you are not comfortable in giving your full legal name at all then you may be able to pay an extra fee for In Person Sessions to cover the cost of private security and a specialized rented space.
Do remember, I would not be a respected member of the international community if I were misusing this information! 

I work to accommodate different abilities/disabilities and am LGBTQ2a friendly. 



Just as you go to a professional dentist when you need your teeth fixed, finding someone trained and highly skilled, I ask you to choose your Domme with even more discernment. 

Do not see someone without education or skills or you are likely to get hurt. 

Further, as you do not try to 'date' a dentist just for free dental work, you also do not date someone to have specific Kinky service needs met.

Treat your powerful unique kinky needs as even more sacred and to be cared for than your base simple ones. Dentists are a dime a dozen, where educated and skilled BDSM providers are exceptionally rare. 

Tribute goes towards the costs of learning these skills as well as the exceptionally unique and expensive overhead of materials, preparation, cleaning, furniture, etc etc.