Persephone's Playhouse

Explore your Fetish & BDSM desires

with loving integrity.

The tributes below are minimum accepted tributes for my time and expertise. 

In Person Sessions:

Minimum Tribute of $350 – for First hour, $500 –for  Two hours, $600 - Three hours

Longer sessions or repeat clients in good standing to be negotiated

Long term / Overnight for experienced proven subs ONLY, Starts at $1200  / night 

Full day sessions starts at $1500

Online Sessions:

Video chat $50 for 10 min
Phone Chat $50 for 20 min

Emails 3 times per week $75 

Key Holding: $150/ month 


I offer one on one or couples coaching /counselling. While I have extensive experience and training I do not have a psychology degree and this is not for deep emotional trauma. Guidance Counsel  is often regarding negotiation and communication, polyamory, bdsm, etc. Tribute for this is a minimum of $150/hour.


Private Teaching 
starts at $300 per hour

Photography for pleasure and pain
Packages start at $50 

For any other Services please email me directly to discuss.