Persephone's Playhouse

Explore your Fetish & BDSM desires

with loving integrity.


I am the Master Chef 

Consent is of the utmost importance

My interests list is NOT a shopping list nor are you able to 'order' what you will. I do not allow topping from the bottom. 

What I do is take from your hopes, dreams, and fantasies like a chef chooses ingredients to design and serve the dish that is our sessions.

This is also not a complete list of my interests. I have been kink aware with real study and practice for 25 years. There are MANY things I enjoy.


Whether or not you see your fantasy listed here:
To apply you will email me with  a few of your greatest hopes and desires. Your application will only be successful if I feel we are a good match. 
I'm very open to many types of play and fantasies as long as there is respect and mindful submission/ bottoming. 

Not all who contact Me are approved. 


With the greatest respect to those who give sexual consorting, I do not offer escort services. 
I will not provide hand jobs, blowjobs, or 'full service'. Do not ask. I do allow some to masturbate, if it pleases me to do so and I think it's in our best interests. All of your kinky hopes will be discussed during the negotiation.

For pegging, please clean yourself out well with a proper enema before our sessions. 

 My goal is to create a great dish of experience, with the mindfulness of an artist. I take submissives on a journey, guiding explorations of their needs in a pleasurable and fulfilling way to Me, as well as to them. Trust grows as I learn awareness of your responses and abilities, which takes some time. My goal is for long term 'pets' to be fulfilled in my 'stable' of submissives. I love to play and to carefully walk up to and explore limits, not go flying past them.  Yes, I value and respect my 'pets'/bottoms/slaves and maintain a deep sense of responsibility for the control they hand over to me.

We can go as deep into your submission as you give me leave to take you.

 The submissive ALWAYS has use of a safe word.

Let us walk together into the depths of your soul.


* Anal training / stretching
*  “CBT”
* Bondage 
* Caning
* CNC *  Consensual Non Consent (requires extra negotiation. *Edge Play)
* Cock slapping/ flogging/ kicking/ stomping (*Edge play, not for everyone!)
* Degradation & humiliation 
* Dehumanization (ie: Human Furniture)
* Discipline
* Domination (*Favorites list:  especially when used long term with deep mental & personal training)
* Edging / Forced masturbation (*Favorites list)
* Financial domination (*harsh or loving, *Favorites list)
* Flogging / Florentine (specialist in this)
* Feet, heels, boots, nylons, stockings – Worship (*Favorites)
* Fitness (controlled / forced)
* Flogging /Florentine (specialty)
* Foot worship
* Forced bi 
* Forced feminization / sissy / slut
* Impact Play – flogging, spanking, whips, canes, paddles etc etc (*Specialty/ Favorites)
* Interrogation
* Key Holding / chastity training  (*specialty)
* Medical play
* Mental : Constraints, Predicaments, difficulties, questioning, deepening slavery, etc (*Favorites)
* Needles : Surface piercing or torture/interrogation piercing (*Specialty)
* Oral  on strapon/ toys or real; CNC forced bi, etc. (*Favorites / Specialty)
* Pegging / Prostate massage / milking
* Personal Slave (* For select slaves only & after many training sessions).
* Photography / video * (To be negotiated: For your own pleasure to keep, my social media & website, humiliation /CNC blackmail, etc. To be discussed)
* Puppy /Pony / Kitty play
* Queening / Face Sitting (*Clothes on)
* Role-play (boss/worker, doctor/nurse play, military, teacher/student/principal, school girl/boy, superhero/supervillian, etc. So much fun! )
* Scolding
* Service Subs (*Top Favorites List! - This could be in the forms of cleaning/housework, chef, chauffeur, shopping, errands, mechanic, etc)
* Shaving
* Slave training
* Sounds (*currently must bring your own)
* Spa Dates / Shopping
* Spanking (Over the Knee, paddle, wooden spoon, hair brush, etc)
* Speech restriction / Physical restrictions
* Spitting
* Sugar-subbie/ Care Taking (*favorites)
* Trampling
* Vibrator torture
* Watersports / golden shower  



For in person sessions: A session will only be booked after application is accepted, consulting fee paid, and negotiation form is completed, plus waiver signed. 

 *Deposit often required


* Edge Play: Extra negotiation required for edge play or scenarios of more risk.