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with loving integrity.



There are many surgeons in all big cities, and we know to be very respectful of the specialized expertise of surgeons. To not waste their time, that even though they are paid we are requesting them give us their care.
Keep this in mind. There are much fewer real, educated, Professional BDSM Specialists. And there are very few Dommes in the world who are as beautiful and diversely educated as Lady Grace. 
So do remember this when you email. It is an application to join a coveted spot, and one not given lightly. 

To Apply: 

Email me (Contacts Page) including your name, most important interests and what you hope to get out of my services. 

Note that I do not offer any escort services.

Your application will only be successful if I feel we are a good match. 





If your application is successful you will then pay a minimum tribute of $50 for online consulting, or more for in-person consulting. This shows you are serious and pays for my time regardless of you booking a session, though of course I am most hoping you will book many sessions to learn and grow as my submissive for a long, long time. Otherwise I wouldn't have a business. 

When the negotiation fee has been received you will then be emailed a negotiation form and liability waiver to sign along with some rules. It is important that you give as much information as possible in the negotiation so that I can guide our journeys successfully. All things to help me maintain safe and sane sessions while also allowing us to grow and explore.

 I will also require periodic check ins as to your progress and growing or changing desires and abilities.

If you are wishing to delve deeper or try lots of new things then after a few sessions you may express your interest and we can discuss going through a longer form checklist for expanding play or dynamics. This does take quite a bit of time so it requires extra tribute but tends to bring up a lot of fun options. 


 To visit my studio I ask for your full real name and an ID check. This is simply for My safety and is common practice around the world with nearly all professional service providers of every sort. Do keep in mind you are also being invited into my personal space. Giving your name is for My safety and security, which is of utmost importance.

If you do not agree to give your full real name then we do still have some options, though they are much more limited. We can still do Online Sessions and Financial Domination, plus we can negotiate for other safety options such as your taking on the additional cost for in studio security or your paying for a booked location with onsite staff.



Many of us have physical, mental or emotional injuries.


I have quite a bit of training and experience in working with people who have different challenges and am willing to discuss any you might have towards finding safer ways to play. 


I work to be as inclusive as possible to all.  



 I recommend 2 hour sessions, especially for the first session for getting to know you and to explore a few different things. If you will want to shower after our session the request should be made in advance. 
Remember that your session booking is only for as long as you have booked it and you must respect Lady Grace's schedule.