Persephone's Playhouse

Explore your Fetish & BDSM desires

with loving integrity.

About Services with Persephone's Playhouse




 To provide a safer space to explore some of our wildest, deepest, consensual BDSM and Fetish desires.



I know that these desires go much further than a simple physical or sexual desire (or else many of us would be happy having vanilla –only relationships, which is not the case).  

These aspects of life are mentally and emotionally important for our very well being.


 I offer my highly unique and diverse professional services to only those committed to respect of me and my time, and to exploring with honour and integrity.  

I  endeavor to create a safe and healthy space for people to explore their kinks and fetishes and, more importantly, find peace in themselves. 

I practice high standards of cleanliness using medical grade cleaners where possible. 

 I strive to always play within both our limits. 

You are to maintain awareness of your limits and boundaries and speak up, including using the safe word or hand signal when necessary.

(Not all who wish to experience BDSM with me are submissive. Tops and Doms also may come to learn, but in learning they are then the 'bottom').   

I very much love service, games, role play, fitness domination, key holding, foot worship, and many specific “fetishes” as well. A favorite is having financial submissives take care of my every little desire (or as many as they are able to). I love having men work hard in their daily lives in order to promote mine as well as service based submission such as cleaning my house as I sip wine and read a book, massaging my feet, cooking my meals. I enjoy punishment and degradation such as putting a naughty nose in a corner when they are "bad". I adore predicament games including bondage and desire.

A longer list of my Interests is found here:   (Sessions)


I do not have a traditional “dungeon” so if you would like that atmosphere then let me know and we can rent one. I have a very clean, well maintained apartment and do have plenty of BDSM implements.