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About Me:


When I was 16 years old my then boyfriend introduced me to what I was doing - it had a name and there were others like me. 
I was kinky! 
And what I was doing, or trying to do, was OK! 

Like most things in my life I totally geeked out about what I love and dove into learning about it. For me it was largely focused on not just physical play but the emotional and mental aspects. Safety and fun of the body all have to do with safety and fun emotionally. 

What is of the utmost truth in life is what is in our emotional selves: Whether we accept what is happening, or not. 
Do we accept or even like the pain?! Or hate it. 
Is that because of who or what is doing it to us? Do we like certain sensations more because it's from a partner vs a stranger vs self given vs ... ?

It’s what’s really behind my beautiful kinky, fetishy, BDSM inspired learnings and yearnings. Understanding and PLAYING WITH the mind, as well as the body.

Plus, ooooh it can all feel SO good in so many interesting and exquisite ways!

At the same time I do have a deep interest in the body, and not just pleasure and pain but what we can do with it.
So at the same time as delving into kink and BDSM I was learning about physiology- studying muscles and nervous system information, fitness, health, nutrition, massage, etc.  
About the happy hormones and pain hormones and what they can do to and for the body, to mind and emotions. 

Remember this wasn’t done over night and I'm not a doctor, just a very very interested and excellent researching participant. Just as a person in University studies many subjects at once, some even having multiple majors, they are reading and thinking, as do I. Except my studies have been ongoing for over 25 years and via a wide variety of interests from many sources rather than a few teachers. So I have broad knowledge but am careful about my limitations of knowledge, too. 

Plus, much of this learning stems from my non Kink practices and businesses. It ALL builds on and supports each other! Kinksters playing with pressure points helped feed into my expertise as a massage practitioner. Injury healing helped me learn much more about the interworkings of muscles with the nervous system and what happens in the chemicals, how they relate to not only physical side effects but also mental ones, which all helps me in my consensual sadistic torture practices.

So obviously all this multifaceted awareness plays heavily in my Domme/BDSM services, and yes, I use this knowledge to better guide my client's journeys, as well as for health and healing. 

My main interest has always been that of our Spiritual selves. All the rest comes out of it. My main career has always been as counsellor, guide and facilitator for healing.  BDSM is one more way we find fullness of health in life.

The Energy Play in our own lives- all the inner workings of how we experience the world around us, how we work with others, how we create and re-create our roles and statuses, dynamics and even desires - all stems from this. 





 To provide a safer space to explore some of our wildest, deepest, consensual BDSM and Fetish desires.



 I believe that for us kinksters these are truly soul needs and are important aspects of a happy, healthy and satisfying life. As such I endeavor to offer a loving, caring place for people to experience their submissive and/or fetish desires with a highly experienced and educated Loving Domme.

(Not all who wish to experience BDSM with me are submissive. Tops and Doms also may come to learn, but in learning they are then the 'bottom'). 


While I am quite the sadist I am not the uncaring, ruthless sort that is quite common. I believe this is because I am a lifestyle Dominant GODDESS that truly cares about her community and looks at long term interests rather than just making a buck. I truly care about the gift of your submission, and take the responsibility seriously.

That said, I also only work with those who are a good fit for my expertise, personal interests and who support my reasons for opening my studio. Respect is incredibly important to Me and I can be very giving but also incredibly dismissive to those who do not show respect.


Be it impact play, locking you in a cage, worshipping my feet, chauffeuring my beautiful self around, affectionate care-taking, or much more. I have a LOT of kinks, so if you are interested and aren’t sure if I provide or am interested in your kinks, ASK. Communication is key to all play.

A large part of why I have done so much work, spent so much time and energy and money  to open a studio for non-partners is that I also got really angry at beloved friends getting hurt, scammed, even stolen from by supposed “prodommes”. Many are completely uneducated people who have hardly ever held a whip never mind experienced any real BDSM or learned about the emotional and mental impacts of this lifestyle. So I did something about it and decided to put in the incredible time, energy, and money to provide a safe haven, the Palace of Pleasures, this little Kinkdom, for my beloved community.


I do not have a traditional “dungeon” so if you would like that atmosphere then let me know and we can rent one. I have a very clean, well maintained apartment and do have plenty of BDSM implements.


Thank you for your support of this little Kinkdom ™ ! 

You can gift donations and tips via paypal. Whether you wish to say thanks for this website and the writings, for my sexy photos, or for the enjoyment of my virtual presence: your gift is appreciated! Be it buying me a coffee or sponsoring some studio equipment, thank you!


The set minimum tribute goes towards the running of my kinky studio, cleaning supplies, furniture/equipment, advertising, toys, clothes, makeup and shoes (all specialty items and often of high cost). 

You are also welcome to tip or provide more than the minimum tribute, to buy or donate towards items on my WishList (found HERE), or my dungeon equipment needs, though tip donations to use as I like are always best.

Gift Certificates are great as gifts! 


 These are a few favorites:

(In Calgary)

Hy’s SteakHouse

Betty Lou’s Library


Highlander Wine & Spirits

Dharma Studios Inc. (massage /spa)


(From anywhere) 

MAC Cosmetics

If you have anything specific in mind, please run it by me first. I have allergies, limited space and very particular tastes.